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This is my first interview post that you will be reading! I contacted a few of my favorite  bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers and I asked them if they would be interested in being featured on my blog for a new segment I am doing. This segment is called “Behind The Top Shelf” it will be a short interview that goes through the beauty products of the people I interview!

The first person, I wanted to interview was no one other than my best friend Megan! Megan is a blogger from the UK, if you want to check her out I will have her links at the bottom of the post!

Question Time: 

What is your daily skincare routine? What products do you use?

use the BodyShop’s camomile cleansing balm and the eye makeup remover which goes with it and Aveeno cream (because of my sensitive skin)

What is your favorite skincare product that you would recommend?

The BodyShop’s cleansing balm! It works miracles!

What skin care product do you want to try soon?

Glossier’s milky jelly cleanser (I’ve heard every blogger rave about it!) and anything from the ordinary because they just sound amazing

What is your favorite skincare brand?

This is quite difficult because I don’t use that much skincare so probably the body shop! Because it’s basically the only skincare I use!

Do you have a hair care routine?

I use this vegan organic shampoo and conditioner which my mum found in Sainsbury’s and most the weeks I get my hair done because I work at a hair salon on Saturdays.

Do you wear a “no makeup” makeup look or do you do full face makeup every day?

I don’t wear any makeup in the week, I just wear it at work so I look presentable

What are the makeup products you use every day?

Face cream and that’s it for school but I wear all of these to work

If you had to pick one makeup product to use, what would you pick?

Collection lasting perfection concealer in fair

What is your favorite part of your makeup to do? (so like eyebrows, eyeshadow, highlight, etc.)

Eyebrows and highlighter

What is your favorite makeup brand?

Probably Soap and Glory for eyebrow products but Kiko for the BB cream I’m in love with!


What is your go-to hairstyle?

A messy bun, or my hair down with a brush pulled through it!

What is your favorite hair product?

batiste dry shampoo it’s a lifesaver for early school mornings! (Preferably the floral scent)

Where do you look to find new skincare, haircare, and makeup products?

Mainly YouTube or blogs but a lot of stuff is advertised on my Instagram which is organic, and plastic free but most importantly CRUELTY-FREE!

Who inspires your makeup style?

Lucy Moon! She is an influencer online and she has a gorgeous sense of style and her makeup is what I aspire to do mine like!

What is your go-to hairstyle and makeup look that makes you feel your best?

I like to do this hairstyle where I do 2 Dutch braids then put them into low buns with a sleek but casual makeup look.


Megan’s Social media

Twitter – meganrose454 

 Insta – meganslittleblog

  Pinterest – meganrose454 

I have a few more interviews lined up and I’m so excited for you guys to read them!

Where to find me?

Instagram: sincerelyskyla

Twitter: sincerelyskyla

Pinterest: Sincerelyskyla

Vsco: sincerelyskyla


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