Room Transformation 2018

Happy Wednesday!

I have always loved moving my room around and decorating it. I decided to rearrange my room again, and just make it more simple and feel more open.

Here is what my room looked like before.

You walked in and the first thing you would see was my bed and if you looked across from my bed you would see my tv and bookshelf.

I moved my mirror and pushed my bed on to that wall, and moved my bookshelf over too. I got new sheets for my bed which are from ikea.

I moved my nightstand by door and then put a chair near my bed so I could have a comfy place to write blog posts and do school work.

This is what my room looks like now.


Stay tuned for more blog posts! I don’t know which days I will be officially posting on yet but I know I will post at least once a week at 12:30 PST.

Where to find me?

Instagram: sincerelyskyla

Twitter: sincerelyskyla

Pinterest: Sincerelyskyla

Vsco: sincerelyskyla


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