December Goals 2018

To kick off day 1 of 12 days of blogmas, I wanted to tell you guys my goals for this month. Recently, I have been setting a few goals each month for myself. I have achieved and others I have failed at but I tried.

I have set 4 goals for myself this month.

First goal: To post all 12 days of blogmas

I have already been writing most of the posts ahead of time throughout November so I think this one won’t be so hard for me to achieve.

Second Goal: Watch every new Hallmark Christmas movie

This year Hallmark has made a Countdown to Christmas app so you can check off all the new movies you have watched. I can’t wait to use it and hopefully watch all 22 movies this year.

Third Goal: Journal every day

I really love to journal but I always forget to take the time to do it. Hopefully, this will start the habit of me journaling more often.

Fourth Goal: Keep my room clean!

I have a bad habit of when it’s time to study for finals and take them, my room doesn’t get cleaned at all. When my room is cluttered I feel even more stressed so I am really hoping to keep everything clean during this month while I am studying.

Leave a comment, telling me if you have any goals for this month!

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