Christmas Wishlist 2018

Welcome to day 6 of blogmas!

For this post, I am sharing with you guys my Christmas wishlist for this year! The majority of things that are on my list I will be needing for when I go to College next year but that I can use right now during the winter and springtime. I just wanted to share this to help give people ideas and also as something I can look back on in the future.

Winter scented candles
Merry Ch


Aerie Flannel Pajama Pant in Soft Muslin

Aerie real soft waffle henley tee in Maroon Lagoon

Aerie Cozy Robe

North Face Furry Fleece Full Zip

Drybar Lil’ lemon drop detangler 

Sam Edelman Tinsley Rubber Rain Boots

Popsocket stand

Magnolia Journal 

I hope you guys are having a great holiday season so far! Leave a comment down below telling me what is on your wishlist.



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