Winter Skincare Routine 2018

Welcome to day 8 of blogmas!

I have recently gotten my skin under control, for a while my skin was just breaking out a lot and my face was super oily. I changed up my skincare routine and it has made all the difference! I still get small pimples but they don’t stay around for long and my skin has become less oily. 

I  have a huge love for the Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville. I was reading through some articles where she was giving her tips to clear skin and she always said these 3 steps were the most important. Exfoliate, Hydrate, and Moisturize so I followed those three steps and it is now the system I swear by.  

My Routine:

  • Wash my face with the milky jelly cleanser by Glossier
  • Tone with witch hazel rose water
  • Apply under eye cream 
  • Moisturize, I switch out between two different moisturizers

Also, I exfoliate once a week with the Exfolikate intensive treatment. I use the Glossier Zit Stick for bigger pimples that I want to get rid of faster. Lastly, I drink as much water as I can to keep my skin hydrated and clear.

Products mentioned:

Happy Holidays!

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