Relaxing Night Routine

Welcome to Blogmas day 11!

I feel like December has gone by super fast and I haven’t had a chance to just have a night to relax and just wind down. I recently got a chance to spend a few hours of the night alone, so I’m going to take you through what I did this night to relax and just have a chill night.

I got home around 4:30 and I stripped my bed and put my sheets in the wash. I spent some time on my phone responding to messages, around 5:40 my family headed out and I decided to take the time to pamper myself a bit.

I cleaned up my eyebrows, which I was scared about doing because I don’t know how to do them very well but I felt really good about how they came out. I just used a spoolie to brush my brows up and down, some tweezer to clean them up, and an eyebrow razor to get a really clean edge.

While, I was towards the end of doing my eyebrows I decided to run a bath. Once the tub was filled, I set up some youtube and caught up on some videos. I used the KristinMade Body Scrub to exfoliate my skin, I shaved and then I washed my body. When I got out I put on some joggers and a comfy sweatshirt.

I decided to put on a face mask while I was wasting time and I also cleaned my makeup brushes.

By the time I finished that my sheets were washed and dried, so I put in a load of clothes to wash. Then I put my sheets back on my bed and ate some dinner which was left overs from lunch.

I spent the rest of the night planning out my blog and youtube content for the rest of December and January which I’m super excited for! I also was this blog post and doing another load of laundry.

I hope you guys have a great Christmas Eve! I will be posting day 12 of blogmas on Christmas so keep an eye out for that!



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