What I got for Christmas 2018!

Welcome to blogmas day 12!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas! I have been up since 5:30am so we got things out of the way pretty fast, we were done opening presents around 8am. Before I get started in showing what I got, I wanted to put out a disclaimer saying in no way am I trying to brag or show off. I asked on Instagram if you guys wanted to see this and a lot of people said yes.

I got a new stocking from pink, and inside it, I got scrunchies, a lil’ lemon drop brush, a lip scrub from lush, a pop socket holder for my car, a body scrub from Zoella beauty, some lip masks, and a taco bell gift card.

Next, I got a few things from the Kristin Ess hair range, I got a new flat iron, a shampoo, a conditioner, and a box set with a hair pin and a silk pillow case.

I also got a detox pack from pink with a body scrub, face mask and a body wash!


I got a few clothing pieces, from my brother I got a shirt from when he was in Liverpool, I got a Northface jacket, some rain boots, and a friends long sleeve shirt.


I got a new yellow Hydro Flask!


My best friend Megan and I sent each other Christmas gifts and she sent me a perfume from ted baker, a soap and glory set, and a mug and hot chocolate set from Zoella lifestyle (I already drank the hot chocolate thats why its not pictured)


I got new Christmas pajamas too and a robe (not pictured)I also got a bigger present from my mom, which was a MacBook Pro! I’m so excited about and was not expecting at all. It also came with a pair of beats so I got a wireless pair!


I hope you guys have liked blogmas!!! I would love to know what you got for Christmas so tell me in the comments. Have a great Christmas!

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