2019 Goals

It’s officially 2019! At least it is when you are reading this, it’s still 2018 when I’m writing this.

I have taken a few weeks to really think about the goals I want to achieve and make sure they are goals that I will benefit from over time and not just have superficial goals.

My goals for 2019:

  • Take Smaller Actions to Be Healthier

The past few months, I was eating a lot of junk, I had no daily routine, my sleep schedule was messed up, I didn’t have much motivation to do school, etc. I really want to make an effort to really do a lot of small steps to be healthier with my eating, sleeping, daily routine, and even my mindset.

  • Save More

Since I’m leaving for college this year,  I want to save a good amount of money just in case any emergencies come up and also just to start saving for the long run.

  • Manage My Time Better

I got really bad at this over the past few months, I wasn’t managing my time at all so I wasn’t getting stuff done on time, I would lay in bed all day and not be productive at all. I am going to try to time block or another method to manage my time. 

  • Put More Time Into Social Media

In 2018, I really wanted to put more effort into my social media accounts but I never took the time to actually do it. I am really gonna try to step up and actually put the time into posting regularly. 

These are the goals I will hopefully achieve. What are your goals for this year?

Where to find me?

Instagram: sincerelyskyla

Twitter: sincerelyskyla

Pinterest: Sincerelyskyla

Vsco: sincerelyskyla

 Youtube: skylajade


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