How to Start Off The New Year Right

I know a lot of people struggle with keeping up with their goals in the new year, mostly people forget about their goals or just lose motivation. I wanted to give you a few tips of how you can start off the new year right so you can hopefully have motivation to achieve your goals or just get a fresh start.

  • Declutter and Organize Your Space

I love cleaning and organizing so this is super easy for me, but I know a lot of people don’t have the same love for it as I do. If you don’t share that love and you are completely confused about where to start, start simple and do one room a day.

Go into whichever room you want to start with and go through everything decide what to keep, what can be thrown away and what can be donated. After you have done that, wipe down every surface, dust, wash anything that needs to be washed, and clean your floors. When you are putting things back, make sure everything has its own place. Just repeat this process with every room you have in your living space. When cleaning out closest, you can actually sell your clothes on an app like Depop or Poshmark and make a bit of extra money.

  • Get Rid of Digital Clutter

Start off fresh, unfollow people you don’t like anymore or who you make you feel bad when you look at their content. Go through your emails and text and delete the ones that are unneeded. Delete photos you don’t want anymore to save up space in your camera roll, you can also back them up in Icloud or google photos. Delete apps you don’t use.

  • Find a System To Help Manage Your Time

Find a system that works for you to help organize all your assignments, plans, and daily tasks. Whether that is the calendar on your phone, computer or a physical planner.

  • Break Down Your Goals

To start off right and keep on top of your goals for the year sit down at the start of each month and plan out what you will do that month to help achieve your goal. As an example, one of my goals for the year is keeping up on my social media, to break it down I could plan to post four blog posts that month.

I hope this helps you guys!

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