January Wrap Up 2019

January went by really fast and I feel like the next few months will go by even faster. I have gathered a few favorites throughout the month, and as always I’m here to share them with you.



I don’t wear a lot of makeup, recently I have kept it pretty simple and I have found my favorite products. I have been wearing boy brow and the cherry balm dot com by glossier. For a highlighter, I have been using my mom’s Lumi Glow Nude Highlighter palette.

I have been using the same body wash for 2 years now so as you can tell it’s my favorite by far and its the Zoella Soak Opera 

I have been in love with the Essie nail polish in the color ballet slippers its a light pink color.




I have been in love with this podcast by Sadie Robertson, it just came back on for its 2nd season and I’m super excited.

Monthly Wrap Up:

This month went by really fast and it was really good! I went to winter camp with my church, I kept up with my school work, and I have a new addiction to Medicine Balls from Starbucks.

February goals:

  1. workout 3 times a week
  2. post once a week on Instagram

Where to find me?

Instagram: sincerelyskyla

Twitter: sincerelyskyla

Pinterest: Sincerelyskyla

Vsco: sincerelyskyla


2 thoughts on “January Wrap Up 2019

  1. Hey, this is Alyssa. You put your blog in science class so I took a look at some of your stuff. I think its really cool you are doing this, and you kinda motivated me to try to start back doing my blog again.


    1. Thank you for reading my stuff! That is awesome that you are gonna blog, I highly reccomend it to everyone especially teens because its a great creative outlet! I have made blogs ever since I was a freshman and it has been a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy blogging, send me the link to your blog when you start again!!


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