Gift Guide for Graduations

It is that time of the year! Finals are coming up soon, and graduations are just around the corner. If you are looking for some simple gifts to give to your fellow graduate, you have come to the right place.

1.  Money or Gift Cards

This is the easiest and simple thing to give someone it can help them save for college or buy a few necessities for college.

2. Custom Jewelry

I found these 2 cute pieces of jewelry from MadebyMary. They are necklaces and rings that are made to give to someone according to their birth month. The necklaces have flowers of the birth month and the rings have the stone of the birth month.


3.  Dorm kits

Make your fellow graduate a dorm kit, fill it with a few things they will need for college.


4. A photo printer

The HP sprockets are super popular, and they are a simple small photo printer. With all the photos you print out you can give them friends and family or use them decorate your dorm.


5. Customized Pouch


These are super cute and great for so many uses

What gift idea do you like the best?

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Gift Guide For Graduation


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