April Wrap Up 2019

I’m doing this post a week later than usual due to college announcements landing on the same day. This month has gone by pretty fast, and quite a bit has happened this month. I went to Oregon for my college’s new student orientation, while we were there I got my senior photos taken. I spend a bunch of time with my friends this month. I have gotten into a habit of spending my time in our backyard doing my work for school or social media. I finished up all my class work for the year. Now I am just waiting on my senior project presentations, finals, and most importantly being able to graduate.

Goals for May:

  • Finish reading a book
  • Spend 30 minutes or more outside everyday
  • Take a photo everyday

Monthly Favorites:

I have been loving to do my nails recently! I have been trying my best to paint them every saturday night, I have two current favorite colors I have been going between, which are ballet slippers by essie nail polish and urbanized by cirque colors.


Essie in Ballet Slippers: Link to product

Cirque Colors in Urbanized: Link to product

Acacia Kersey Presets!!! I love Acacia so much, my family and friendly will tell you this! I got two of her presets for $14 and I love them, they are very similar so I can mix and match them in my instagram feed and it looks good still.

before and after using cookie butter (I also use california sun, all photos in this blog post are edited with cookie butter)

Link to product


I have found the best way to save money! I use Honey the browser extention that will apply any cupon code they can find to save you money! I saved $51 off my graduation announcments! I highly reccomend using this extention if you shop online a lot or are going to be doing a lot of shopping soon with college season coming up! You save money and earn coins to reedem gift cards!



I have been loving using my youing living diffuser and lavender essential oil at night to help me sleep!

diffuser: link to product

essential oil: link to product


Lastly, I have been loving these Lindy’s italian ice cups, so far my favorites are strawberry and watermelon

Link to product




what are your goals for this month?

Where to find me?

Instagram: sincerelyskyla

Twitter: sincerelyskyla

Pinterest: Sincerelyskyla

 Youtube: skylajade

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