How To Be Prepared and Survive Finals

Finals are coming up for most high school students and I know it can be a very overwhelming and stressful period of time. I have compiled all the tips and tricks, I have learned during high school to help you be prepared in all areas to survive your finals not just give you tips on how to study!

I am going to break this post into 4 sections: being organized, motivation, studying, and the day of finals.

Being Organized

During high school, I have learned one major thing about being organized. Just because your school material stays organized, doesn’t make you mentally organized. Being mentally organized and prepared is very important when it comes to finals. Keeping your school stuff organzied and you should definetaly to that if you aren’t already, but our enviorment is a reflection of your mind. Having your school materials organized is necessary for school, and you should do that if you don’t already. Your environment is a reflection of your mind. That might sound weird to you, but it is a statement that I believe in so much. When your environment is organized and clean, you will feel more organized mentally and physically. A bonus to this you will have less stress because you know where everything is.

The first part to preparing for finals is the few weeks before make sure you take time out of your day, every day up until finals and keep your room and studying area clean. Trust me you have time to do it, you are probably like most people and me and spend a little bit too much time mindlessly scrolling on your phone. You can take time out of there to clean your space, set a daily alarm if you have you. Keeping your spaces clean will help us out later with motivation too!

If you are paying attention, you would have noticed I said: keep your room and studying area clean. It is highly beneficial to keep separate spaces for studying and sleeping. Mind association is a pretty impressive concept for me. Your mind will start associating school work and stress to your room, which is bad. You want your mind to associate your room with sleeping and relaxing not stress.

The second part of being organized is being planned and have a routine! Take time write down all the events that you know you have coming up within four weeks (at the most) and two weeks (at the least) before your finals on the calendar in your phone, computer, or in a planner. Sunday before your school week starts to sit down and in detail write down every event or overall task you know you will have. Nightly try to write down a daily list of things you need to get done, so you know what to expect the next day. You can do this on your phone or paper whichever works best for you.

Getting into a routine is hard, but worth it! These are some things to get a habit of doing daily to prepare for finals!

  • Make a set time you want to wake up and go to bed that will give your body the amount of sleep it needs!
  • Make time every night to fill a reusable water bottle and make a healthy lunch for school, feed your brain and body!
  • Make time to do a 10 minute work out at the gym, at home, or just even to walk around your neighborhood. (it helps relieve stress by producing endorphins)
  • Make time to study and do school
  • Make time to put your phone away every night so you can clean your area and prepare for the next day
  • Make time for any events or activities in your day


I use a simplified planner and the emmastudies printables for weekly planning. I will write my daily list on a canva template or on my momentum browser dashboard.



Getting the motivation to study is hard! I have 5 things that have helped me get motivated to study.

  1. Color coding my notes and study guides so they look nice
  2. If it takes less than 10 minutes, I will do it first so I can get it out of the way and it will keep me motivated to move on to the bigger things.
  3. Keeping my phone on airplane mode or out of my room.
  4. Studying outside or in a different enviorment like a library or a coffee shop.
  5. Rewarding myself with a tv show episode or watching youtube after finishing a study session


Now that you are getting prepared mentally and physically, and keeping yourself prepared! Its time to study! Start studying four to two weeks in advance! Make your own study guide using the guidelines given by your teachers.

Writing everything down in your own handwriting will help you memorize it a lot! Writing your answers in blue is supposed to help you memorize things better, which I have always done that.

Get a study group together so you can quiz each other.

If you have a hard time staying focused use the Pomodoro timer technique, it is 25 minutes of work and 5 minute breaks. You can do the timer yourself of look on the app store for timers to download to your computer and phone.

Online Pomodoro Timer

I use the emmastudies printables to study definitions and questions, and for on the go I use Quizlet.

IMG_5906IMG_5915Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 8.17.29 AM


Don’t forget to give yourself time to have fun and relax during this time of study! Just manage your time well!


These few days you have to take finals make sure you are getting enough sleep, food, and water to keep you going!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Bring brain food for snacks
    • berries
    • nuts
    • veggies
    • dark chocolate
  • Dress up a bit! Make yourself feel confident about what you are going into but keep it comfortable because you never wanna be uncomfortable during finals.
  • Bring your study guide for other classes to study if you finish with time to spare.


I hope everyone survives their finals or exams and does well on them! Happy testing!

Lauren Cooper (1)

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How To Be Prepared and Survive Finals

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