Day In My Life: Work Day

I think a lot of people assume that blogging and posting on social media is easy and it’s not! I wanted to take you guys through a day in my life when I only focus on working on my blog. In a month, I will post anywhere from 4-8 blog posts. I like to have all my blog posts written and scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance and the correlating Instagram post that goes with it.

When I start a work day, I will always check my email first. I check to see if any brands have emailed me or if I have any brand campaigns I would like to work on. Currently, I am working with 5strands afforable allergy testing.

They are a simple and affordable allergy test that just asks for 5 to 10 hair strands to help determine what food and environmental substances that may cause non-IgE mediated reactions, known as an intolerance. Intolerance reactions are not life-threatening and have a delayed onset with symptoms appearing several hours or days after ingestion or exposure. it also tests metal or mineral exposures and nutritional deficiencies.  This is an amazing and helpful tool to help you make the necessary changes in your life to feel your best.

Not only can adults do the testing they have it for kids and pets. They have an adult standard package which is $122 or a deluxe package for $154, I was kindly gifted the deluxe package to do the testing.

This workday, I got my form via email, I filled it out, I collected my hair samples in a bag, and then I mailed it off. I really wanted to do this before going to college. I think it would be good to know more about myself and what I should actually be avoiding. I will recieve my resutls in 5-7 buisness days after they get to the lab!


It tested me for:

After, I finish up all my emails and brand work for the day. I will move on to seeing which blog posts I need to write. A typical blog post can take me anywhere between 1-3 hours to complete. I will spend 3-6 hours writing blog posts, taking pictures, editing the pictures, and making a graphic for the post. Then, I will upload an Instagram photo for each post into a draft so its ready to go on the day of my post.

I will check in with my Pela Case ambassador program to see if there are any tasks, I need to do. Then, I like to take 2-3 hours to go on Instagram and see what my fellow bloggers have posted and engage with their content.

That concluded the end of my work day! I try to only have big work days like this 3 or 4 times a week because it is so time-consuming.

I hope you guys enjoy this and go check out

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Day In My Life_ Work Day

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