Is Food My Friend or Foe?

I recently told you guys about doing my sample for 5strands affordable allergy testing and I got my results back awhile ago. I got back results for nutrition, food, environmental, and metal/mineral intolerances. I honestly was shocked about what I was intolerant to (by no means am I allergic to any of these foods but its highly suggested to try to cut them out to see how I feel.) Also, I am more focused on the food results than the other categories.

I was thinking about this idea of is food a friend or foe? Weirdly enough God put me in a situation where this answer was revealed to me.

I used my results and tried the elimination trick to see which foods make me feel gross and I figured it out. If you feel like you feel gross or sick due to the foods you are eating, I highly suggest getting an allergy or intolerance test done.

Is food eating a foe? No, food is not a foe. A few things of what I was eating I was intolerant to so I cut those out. For others, people will restrict their food and it make it their foe, and that is when food elimination become unhealthy and unsafe. (This doesn’t apply to people who have food allergies or any health condition that makes them limit what foods they can and can’t have.)

Is food a friend? No, it’s not because it’s not something there that will support and comfort you endlessly. In the moment, binging a whole container of ice cream may make you feel better in the moment but after you will still want to lean on more food to fill that void. Thats when it becomes unhealthy too.

What is the answer then? Its simple food is fuel. It is the thing that God provided to keep us healthy and strong. We need to be putting the food into our bodies that will keep us strong and healthy and happy.

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