I suck at saving the Earth

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I have seen a few of my favorite bloggers post about ways to help the Earth or what they are doing to try to help. I was thinking about updating you guys on how I am doing in helping the earth, and I realized I have sucked at it a lot recently. I do what I can when it is convenient for me and I want to change that. I want to change the things that seem to be inconvenient to make it convenient and easy to do.

I go out to get Starbucks or Dutch Bros a lot! I always do my best to bring my own straw, but I am still adding to the production of plastic by using their cups that they give me. I want to place a reusable cup in my car so it makes it easier to get my drink in a cup that won’t contribute to single-use waste.

I am still really bad at buying plastic packaged products and this one is a huge downfall due to convenience. It is just easier to get pre-packaged products than buy low waste or make low waste foods and products. I need to take my time to start prepping food and knowing the things that I will need and make them beforehand. This will probably save me money too.

Buying Clothes! I resale a lot of my clothes when they get old. I suck at buying second hand or finding a good sustainable brand when needing new clothes. I wanted to buy all my clothes from thrift shops, second hand apps like poshmark, and sustainable brands, but I totally failed at that. I want to try to make even more of a conscious effort next time I need to buy clothes to not go to name brand stores.

To read all my friends blog post on saving the earth, click the links below:
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Maheksawhney: https://www.maheksawhney.com/single-post/2019/06/12/little-ways-to-save-the-planet

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