Be Sincerely Unapologetically You

Welcome to my blog!

I have been away from this platform for awhile. Recently, I decided to step back into it so be on the look out for an announcement date on my Instagram story for when I will be posting again on my blog.

I am here to announce the renewal of my blog and something super exciting to go along with it! I am selling tee shirts and sweatshirts!!! These shirts and sweatshirts will fund my study abroad in London, England of Fall 2020 and the mission work I will do while I am there. While in London. While abroad, I will be partnered with a Mission Mentor who will help me get involved with ministry opportunities and connect me with the local Christian community in London. I will meet regularly with their Mission Mentor for prayer, reflection, and spiritual accountability. I will participate in intercity ministry throughout London with Mission Mentors to serve communities through food banks and opportunities alike. 

The meaning behind Be Sincerely Unapologetically You

I switched my brand name last year to Sincerely Skyla because I want everything I do and post to come from a genuine and honest place in my heart. I was reading a book called Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown before I came to college on adulting because I didn’t know what to expect and the book had a quote that said “You don’t need to make your tastes a self-conscious statement about who you are. Just unapologetically like the things you like.” During the time in my life when I read that it was a wake up call for me, I was so scared to like the things I liked, to talk about them, or even promote them on my platforms because was anxious and feared being judged by people who would see what I liked as who I was and they would relate who I was to me be trying to be someone else.

That is not how life should be lived, life shouldn’t be live in fear or anxiety it should be lived sincerely and unapologetically. Now I am here with a new concept to my life and brand. All my content from now on will be sincerely unapologetically me, it will all come from an extremely genuine and honest place in my my heart and I won’t be apologetic of who I am and hold back from sharing what I like from these platforms anymore.

Also, I want this to be a quote that anyone and everyone can live by daily is to be themselves sincerely and without feeling like that they have to apologize for what they like or who they are.

If you are interested in buying a shirt they will be linked right here:

Here is a slideshow showing all the styles and colors that they come in

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