Why I Choose Beautycounter

photo by: https://www.instagram.com/chloedawnphoto/

Saving the Earth and being healthy has always been a focus in my life. I never thought about how the products I use could be affecting my body. So many chemicals and ingredients have been linked to reproductive issues and cancer. A study found that teens who switched to safer products had a 20-40% drop in harmful chemicals in their blood.

1938 was the last year Congress passed a major federal law regulating cosmetics. There are more than 85,000 chemicals registered for use, with thousands more hitting the market every year. The FDA does not require that cosmetic ingredients be assessed for safety before they go on to the market, and they cannot issue a product recall.

I decided to look into joining Beautycounter because I wanted to support a brand that wanted to help the earth and others. Beautycounter does just that they are testing their product packaging to make sure it has no harmful chemicals that can seep into their products. They are switching over to glass packaging to be more sustainable, and our compact packaging is made out of paper. Beautycounter makes products without over 1,800 questionable chemicals and ingredients, we are a certified B corporation and EWG certified. That shows we are doing the best for our environment, workers, community, and costumers. We show 100% transparency, so everyone can have the best.

I now know how to access safe and effective products, because of joining Beautycounter. Now I get to do the honors in sharing this knowledge to my family, friends, peers, and readers through giving them resources and products. I don’t care if I help them find a cheaper product than Beautycounter as long as I know they are using cleaner and safer products, thats what matters to me. If I can educate the people around me then they can educate the people around them.

It is time to get better! better regulations, better beauty, better products. Let’s raise up a world where we don’t have to worry about the ingredient list and know it is a safe list!

We have a special going on right now until March 15th, if you want to become a consultant you will get your enrollment kit FREE with a purchase of a starter kit! That’s not all for my first person to sign up as a consultant, I have a big treat for you!

Interested in learning more about Beautycounter or become an Consultant? Set up a one-on-one meeting (online or in person): https://forms.gle/S7xiK3dJDKShFT47A

Where to find me?

blog: sincerelyskyla.com 

Instagram: sincerelyskyla

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 Youtube: skylajade

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